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Not very exciting but a few photos from the last week – slippy road and roomies dressed up for prom.

PBL (or not)

So last week I was pretty ill after writing my blog post (I don’t think there was a direct correlation), actually everyone has been really ill. So I didn’t go ice skating on friday 😦 or to the prom, though I didn’t really mind about the prom as I went last year and I also went to my prom back home. Instead I spent the evening helping Dilly (US) pack up all his stuff as he was leaving the college on sat to go home. It was nice as there were lots of people helping and we all had tea and talked. I ended up staying up the whole night in his room just talking about different things with the future, it was a nice was to say bye in that way although we both were not so good at staying awake towards the end.

Saturday I was very tired both because of staying up to say bye and because Dilly had left so I went to Hildegunns house – my host family. I slept the whole day at her house before getting up in the evening for a family dinner and a evening of watching detective dramas. I stayed the whole weekend (until monday morning) at Hildegunns just doing my maths HWK and talking with Tormod and Hildegunn and Sofia . Hildegunn and Sofia went for a run in the evening ans came very close to a wolf! They saw all the prints and Jasper the god got pretty close. Someone in the area will probably shoot it as there are not meant to be wolves in this area and they can kill all the sheep and dogs of the farmers. Tormod wanted to go out and shoot it himself but luckily you need a special licence so Hildegunn wouldn’t let him.

Monday was maths test and Tuesday is turned out I had no classes (as Summers flight got delayed so she didn’t come to Philosophy). So Tuesday night me and Mad watched theory of everything – very good.

Wednesday and today have been PBL although I don’t have anything to do until Saturday when I’m starting taking pictures for the press team in MUN. Madeline also doesn’t start till Saturday but she is panicking to do her EE which is due of Friday, personally all I have done is slept and checked through other peoples English work.

I did manage to stab myself in the hand with a nail during GYM which as pretty exiting.

Today was the first really nice day, it was crisp and sunny and really beautiful, I went to go for a run but it was too icy up at the rock so I had to walk it round instead. Nice to see the sun again.


First week of the last term

So last term (the one last year) I kinda went very bad about posting on my blog, third term is the one where EVERYTHING happens. Seriously, we had to hand in out EE, our IAs for every subject and as well as applying to uni (which comes with getting grades up in order to apply to the places you want). Basically it is alot of work… But yeah sorry for not being good at posting…

So I managed to apply to uni which was good and have a nice time, forgot most of it. Better move on to this term.

Everyone was supposed to arrive on Saturday in Bergen, flights were booked and bags where packed but then the HUGE STORM HIT! Izu and I got up at like 4am to get trains and buses and get to Gatwick Airport on time in order to take our flight at 8:30. It turned into a weird UWC party in the boarding lounge as we were joined by Summer, Avis, Bassie and Tao as we were all travelling back together. Everything on our flight went ok until the decent. Then we started going really low and up and down so suddenly we all kept going out of our seats. It was so scary, one wheel landed 30 seconds before the other. Apparently it was on the Norwegian news as no one thought it would land..

we make it alive but then when we got into Bergen Airport and I had settled down to nap the 7 hours before the first bus to school came there was an announcement that all flights to and from Bergen had been cancelled until further notice. There were only 19 of us out of the 180 who were supposed to be arriving but we got the 40 seater bus to campus anyway as there was no point in waiting for those who could not arrive. Unfortunately although we left the airport at 1pm we didn’t get back to school until past midnight as the power had gone out in half of Bergen and in the Ferry we needed to take halfway through our journey so we ended up sitting in the bus for 5 hours waiting for it to start working again. Seriously the wind was unbelievable. We were the only ones to make it to campus.

Once back on campus I got to see my beautiful roomie Amina who had been on the winter program and I had Chai made by Andreas and then went to bed very very tired (from all the sitting down).

Everyone came back the next day, all the roomies arrived in time for a room gathering/diner on Sunday where we shared EVERYTHING we did over the break (I went travelling). Maria also arrived back but we were missing Mad and Kaja for a whole day more.

The rest of the week has been getting back into the routine. I’ve added the TSK into mine but so far have not managed to incorporate any work… Philosophy has been very good with discussions on Je Suis Charie and Tolerance.

Currently in a fancy hotel outside Forde for the practice orchestra weekend. The pieces are great this year with lots of Les Mis and show tunes which are good fun especially as the Cello seems to get the tune more often then usual.

Very tired as been gyming but last news is I got an offer from LSE!

Blue Skies,

A Happy Aggie

A Month ago

Since my last (very long time ago) post much has been happening. The bestest best thing was the second year show. Everyone said it was the best show ever; it was so funny. As a year group we managed to mix things up a little bit and not just stick to the norm of dance dance dance. We had some very fun acts including a Norwegian vowel comedy song act and then the old classics such as Derecho De Nacimiento. The best act however was naturally my act SYNCHRONISED SWIMMING ON A STAGE. (see link below)

The first year show was very cool aswell, Thea danced for me which was slightly disturbing in a kind of Indian way (Bollywood) and they had some very nice songs from around the world including Israel and France.

I’m not sure when I last posted really so some other things I’e been doing is Hiking; a group of us went to the Lavoe in the dark and kind of fell down a mountain trying to get there. I was leading and didn’t feel very confident carrying my sleeping bad and mat and just being told to walk in the general direction of “that way”. We managed to find it after only about an hour and a quarter – for a 35 minute walk – and had a cute night of fire, marshmallows and music.

This last week end was peace one day, UWC day! I dint join in on so many of the activities as last year but I did write some letters for amnesty and join in with photo taking. We took some beautifulllll photos.

The pressure is on for uni now as we’ve had visits from over twenty US universities and lots of interviews. I find my best interview were when I was on my own, though I did tend to get exited when they asked me about myself and politics etc. I’ve now decided some of my uni’s and even started filling in the common app – funnily enough applying for uni turns into a procrastination here.

Been studying most of the time during the days but been having nice breaks for socialising, a skype conference with an international school in Albania, the first year second year match (I mainly screamed at the defence to try and keep them in line) and movie nights where some second years tried to forget about applying to uni by watching spy kids. (here is the link to our second year video)



















No one sleeps on the weekend

Weekends are a mix between socialising and studying but sleep gets very little look in. Yesterday was Saturday and it’s weird because I can’t seem to remember anything of the day apart from some very scary meetings about universities in the UK, skypeing people and Thea refusing to get out my bed 😛 the evening was good however as we celebrated marco’s birthday with a bonfire on he Island and lots of food. We sang songs accompanied by the ukes and it was super cosy. That was about all that happened apart from the following gossip sections in day rooms and rooms. A nice Saturday though pretty uneventful and hopefully followed by a Sunday of only studying (second year is hard 😦 )




Friday has been swell

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Today after classes which included a very interesting, though slightly biased on the side of the teacher, debate on the tradition of boys wearing dresses and dancing during the first week in philosophy class. Personally although I am an advocate of licence over liberty I am also very sure that trough social betterment and change comes through discussing and through understanding not through laws that aim to force respect. Can respect be forced? Today after classes a group of Me, Izman (Maldives) , Kaja (Poland), Madeline (Belguim), Ricardo (Mexico), Haris (Norway), Clara (Sweden) and Thea (Norway) went Kayaking as it was warm and sunny. We didn’t kayak far just out towards the sea for a bit towards a really nice cove where we sat for a picnic. The shame was the wind and the fact that we had to move slightly in land away from the beautiful view to be sheltered from it. It was great to be out on the water and away from what already feels like a term full of stress and work. I have not had one class where I havnt received homework yet plus we have orals and assessments and big scary ia’s in multiple subjects aswell. So it was best to dedicate this afternoon to being out taking advantage of being at UWC in Norway and trying to live in the moment with the people you have now. 

When we got back to college the food in cantina looked very like bogeys so me, mad and kaja made humus(!!!) and pasta with homemade sauce and beanstuff for dins instead. That plus the ritual of Era, Thea and I chatting and learning a few SAT vocab words – though I really am not learning them – was most of today. I think it was nice.

Blue Skies (and less wind please)


Room Time

Today I had my first room dinner ever. It was crazy. The first years (Siri) made real pizza covered in veg and cheese and cooked it for us, we ate around our table with the Albanian flag as a table cloth and talked crap for a few hours. The best thing was getting to know my first years and Era and getting more comfortable around them then I did in my room the whole of last year even though I adored most of my last roomies, we never had that kind of fun. This included Thea screaming, Amina telling us about her days and doing little pillow dances and Siri being Siri. 

The cool thing was when we finished our room dinner we carried on hanging out doing SAT vocabulary together with Thea “testing” Era and me. Its fun trying to use all our new words and our favourites are deffo sordid and lewd (because we can make sentence about Siri with them).

Tried to see the northern lights today but only caught a glimpse of a greeny glow but still ended the night sitting in the ball rink with Maria and talking about Philosophy. The stars were amazing as well. 

Its a huge contrast being back to so many people and so much work after the summer. What with being in the same place as last year even though its totally the same as the people are all different, its nice that the stars are still have the same beauty as last year.10628175_846829891994889_6964800686056118084_n

Second Year

We have been back for over a week now and it is all strange. 

I had a lovely rest from the hecticness of RCN while on my holiday; spent three weeks in Panama with Eduardo and Maria (!!!!!), had the girls (Maria, Maddy and Kaja) over in the UK for a week and went to a couple of festivals. That plus a little bit of school work made the summer enjoyable and seem very quick considering it was my longest summer ever. I ended my summer holiday in Norway travelling around with my family before being returned to my co years.

We met up for Bergen day and everyone stayed in the YMCA together (bit messy) before going around the city. Unfortunately it wasn’t the funniest day ever as we have all been to  Bergen a lot and seen the few things we were going around to look at (though the venicular railway was cool again). The best bit, the bit that made the day super good was seeing all my co years again. After 2 and a bit months without seeing the people I live with everyday, it was crazy when everyone got off the bus and started screaming at each other. 

We arrived back at about 1 am later that night after a big pizza date in Bergen and found out our rooms, I am now in a room with ERA from Albania (super cool girl – shorter than I am :D) and so we set everything up etc then went around to see everyone else’s rooms. I can’t decide if it’s good or bad Maria is right next door to me… she wont leave my room 😛 

The next day my family were here which was lovely as I got to show them around the college, I had help with unpacking all my stuff from the first year and then we all went to see my host mum and have tea and cake with her and her family. But then that evening campus was invaded by first years. I know. 

It was very strange and exiting with everyone waiting with their flags and signs for their room mates. We had horns and vuvuzales and were making a ton of noise.  When the first bus pulled up at last everyone ran and banged on the sides, shouting and screaming at the first years inside. The doors opened and everyone rushed on screaming to find the people they would be living with for the next few years. (This was super fun the first time but then it became 4 am and us second years where almost sleeping in the day rooms waiting for the last bus with the majority of first years)

In my room this year there is Era and I and then we have Siri from Norway, Amina from Pakistan and Thea from Denmark. They are all lovely people and our room is constantly loud and full of people drinking tea and laughing (especially at Thea – She is mad). 

The rest of intro week has been meetings, spending time outside in the sun and doing a few rotations for the first years – I had international activities so basically just played some games with them and then had some chats about culture over ice cream. It wasn’t quite the rest full week we expected but its certainly been fun. (inc Theme parT as well)

Classes started today and my new spanish teacher is really really good 😀 though it was hard getting up as we were out late cleaning a ship for SaFuGe. The ship as huge and the cleaning was meticulous (the guy checked for about 45 minutes for dust) but it was good fun and a cool experience. 

Lots has also been going on between the Admin and the Second years – but more about that another time. Now I have to go work. 


















The merry merry month of May.

We only have one more week with our second years.

After Easter I spend 10 days at home to regain my strength after a long term and had a wonderful time visiting family at my grandad’s birthday. Although our time here is short and for the most incredibly happy we all need some time away from it all once in a while, I was just lucky I was able to take some time.

When I arrived back it was only one week until first year exams and all our time was spend in classrooms cramming for the week of exams. I felt very underprepared after missing 10 days of classes and so I hope my grades won’t suffer too much because of it. I had one exam a day for 6 days starting with English and ending in Spanish and it was altogether stressful. The only thing we had time for apart from studying was annoying my second years 😀 and Eurovision. I never watched it before but it was very very funny especially as we had people for almost every country. I cheered Loudly for the UK of course but my favourites were of course Iceland and Austria. Poland won the prize for the most distasteful song and video though it is fun now teasing Kaja our very own Slavic girl.

Last Sunday saw our last pizza dinner with the advisor group. Paulina and Sven made enough pizza to feed a small army and then served us ice cream. We all played piano and chatted though tried to avoid the subject if Eurovision for Paulina (Polish). The sky was beautiful, really really magnificent.

Tuesday was my birthday and so on Monday although I really tried to avoid it by chatting with Rieden in the Dayroom I was forced outside and blindfolded and tied up as the RCN tradition of pranking started. I was led down all the steps and all along to the boat house where then I was asked a ‘ess’ quiz with questions such as ‘if Izman going 5k in 30minutes what is the mass of the sun?’ And ‘how do you pronounce Kaja’s last name?’. Everytime I got a question wrong (all of them) I had an egg on my head or some flour or water so they could make an ‘Aggie cake’. This then ended with the lovely tradition of being thrown in the Fyord. A very different birthday to
normal but it was very sweet and then with the cakes and the singing and the special tea and cake picnic with my cutest roomies it was a really lovely birthday and super sweet of my friends here. Dampened only by the maths exam.

Yesterday was 17th of May and 200years of Norway as a constitution. As with every year the Russ people raised the flag while we sung loudly (ish) and then we helped celebrate Norway’s most diverse community by parading with all the flags of different nationalities and then our own, everyone jumped around and all the kids looked sweet in their national costumes (Bunards) while marching to the brass band. All nice apart from the weird porridge they gave us.

Today is Emma’s birthday and last night we had a cute cute bonfire with tortilla dips and chocolate (some cake thingys me and Maddy cooked with Cheerios and chocolate stuff). Then Maria and I made our own bonfire thingy in another place. This morning however we had our last British gathering – minus Astrid – up at Larry’s house with their family plus Tom and Larry’s parents. I went up at 9:30 to cook and we made cinnamon rolls (Kathini) and eggs and bacon (only smoked out the house once) and mushrooms with fresh bread and juice and tea and fruit 😀 Larry’s parents were very interesting to talk to as was Tom and Cerren get teased for not allowing her boy friend to come. As it’s super sunny and pretty here we walked down with Poppy to help put Tom’s boat in the water. Poppy looked great in her pink tutu and pearls and we picked flowers for everyone and went to look at the birds in the water.

It’s sad the second years are all leaving so now I have to get up and out to spend time with them.

Blue skies.